Statement by RPIA President

Romania is a country blessed with rich energy resources compared with other countries in Europe, especially in Western Europe. Almost 70 % of Romania’s primary energy demand can be met by domestic energy resources.

Romania has been one of the most dynamic markets in the last years as regards renewable energy. This was due mainly to an attractive promotion scheme enacted as of the end of 2011, but also to proper climatic conditions. Romania has a huge potential in all sectors of renewable energy: wind, PV, geothermal, biomass and biogas, small hydro power etc. Most of this potential is still unexploited, notwithstanding certain reductions to the previously enacted promotion scheme.

In the renewable sector, after attracting investments of more than Euro 6 billion with more than 4,500 MW being built in recent years, the Government decided to implement certain measures, (most of which are retroactive), which have negatively affected this sector and could expose Romania to international arbitration claims.

We can only hope that the new team installed in the Romanian Department of Energy will be successful in elaborating a clear and concise energy strategy that ensures reliable, affordable and secure energy sources that will allow the future development of Romania.

Ciprian Glodeanu
RPIA President