1 megawatt Conergy solar power plant in the Eifel Germany going to the grid

First joint project realised by Conergy and its partner Renew HGmbH

Hamburg,  17  October  2012  –  System  supplier  Conergy  and  its  long-time  partner  Renew HGmbH have carried out a joint project in Kaisersesch in the district of Cochem-Zoll in the Eifel, twelve kilometres north of the Mosel, getting it ready for connection to the local power grid. The solar experts  collaborated  closely  on this project.  First,  Renew carried  out  all the necessary preparatory work for the construction of the one-megawatt solar plant, whereupon Conergy then performed  the planning,  engineering  and  designed  the layout  of the solar  park.  The  system supplier from Hamburg was also responsible for supplying around 4,000 Conergy PH modules for installation on Conergy SolarLinea mounting systems before handing the “project baton” back to Renew to complete the construction, wiring and connection to the grid.

“This joint project represents a very successful premiere,” said Thomas Rink, Managing Director of  Renew  HGmbH.  “Conergy  has  many  years  of  experience  and  extensive  expertise  in the planning  and  engineering  of  solar  plants,  including  larger  parks.  We  have  combined  this knowledge successfully with our own. Together, we have succeeded in completing the park in a construction period of just six weeks so that it was ready for commissioning under the Renewable Energy Sources Act at the end of September.”

The  only part  that is still outstanding  on the 21,000  square  metre  plot  adjacent  to Renew’s company premises is the transmission station. This is scheduled for delivery in late autumn. In future, 57 inverters will then feed some 1 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity into the grid. This is sufficient  to supply around 290 households  in the nearby Eifel with electricity and to prevent  around 560 tonnes of damaging CO2 being emitted.  This makes solar installer Rink green twice over: He takes solar plants onto the rooftops of his customers and he generates green electricity at the same time. Including the new park in Kaisersesch, he will be operating solar plants with a total capacity of 2 megawatts. With an output of 1.9 million kilowatt hours, these will be producing 74 times the amount of energy that the entire company consumes each year, including the integrated electric heat pump to heat the buildings.

“The  collaboration  with  Renew  and  Mr  Rink  has  been  outstanding,”  said  Stefan  Balbierz, Managing Director of Conergy in Germany. “Both sides benefited substantially from this collaboration. There will therefore no doubt be further joint projects following this successful ‘pilot’ in Kaisersesch – including new business and marketing models.”

The  partners  hope  to  take  advantage  of  the efforts  of  local  governments  and authorities  to organise the supply of electricity at a local level based on a sustainable  energy mix. If both generation and consumption are local there is no need for massive power lines, and it also makes the local population independent  of rising electricity prices: “We are convinced that electricity produced locally from renewable energy sources will soon be cheaper for the end consumer that conventionally generated power from the grid,” said Thomas Rink. “And some of the electricity can be sold off at a profit. This will benefit not only local inhabitants but also local communities, private investors and the local economy. It is therefore a sustainable investment in every sense: green and of great potential for the future.”

About Conergy
Conergy delivers solar energy systems from a single source. As a system supplier, Conergy offers all components for a solar installation as well as all related services.

With its portfolio of modules, inverters and mounting systems, the solar expert creates Conergy System Technology, which is efficient solar energy systems for private or commercial rooftops, as well as for multi-Megawatt Parks.

Conergy System Services deliver a “Worry-Free Package” for Conergy solar installations – from “A“ for architectural planning to “Y“ for yield insurance and “Z“ for zero trouble. Conergy’s experts not only install on-site turn-key solar projects, but they also manage the planning and financing, project implementation, system monitoring, operation and on-going maintenance of the project for maximum  performance.  With  this  comprehensive  technology  and  service  package,  Conergy offers yield insurance for its installations.

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Listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange, Conergy employs around 1,200 people worldwide. Since Conergy’s founding in 1998, it has produced and sold 2 GW of clean solar energy. Thus, in 2011 Conergy solar installations have generated more power than a nuclear reactor. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests.