Romania has transposed all relevant EU Directives in the renewable energy field into its regulatory framework. The mechanism for promoting the production of RES-Electricity, consisting of a quota obligation system coupled with tradable GCs, the trading market for GCs and the targets set for the production of RES-Electricity, comply with the EU provisions.

Considering the exceptional natural conditions of Romania in terms of solar intensity, the support scheme which is still one of the most favourable in the EU and the investors’ appetite for developing PV producing facilities, it is well anticipated that the PV market will see improved development in the following years.


Law No. 220/2008 regarding the establishment of a system to promote electricity generation from renewable energy sources, as amended and supplemented by Law No. 139/2010 and thereafter by Emergency Ordinance No. 88/2011, as approved with amendments by Law No. 134/2012, followed by Emergency Ordinance No. 57/2013, as approved by the approving law subsequently republished and intended to support the production of electricity from renewable sources.

Order No. 42/2011 subsequently amended by Order No. 37/2012 and Order No. 55/2013 regarding the approval of the Regulation for the accreditation of producers of RES-Electricity for the application of the GCs promotion scheme.

Order No. 43/2011 subsequently amended by Order No. 56/2013 regarding the approval of the Regulation for issuance of GCs.

Order No. 57/2013 regarding the approval of the Regulation for the organization and functioning of the GC market.

Order No. 45/2011 regarding the approval of the Methodology for the establishment of the annual acquisition quota of GCs.

Government Decision No. 1232/2011 regarding the approval of the Regulation certifying the origin of electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

Government Decision No. 713/2013 approving Order No. 48/2013 regarding the endorsement of the Regulation for obtaining the licenses and authorizations in the electricity field.

Order No. 59/2013 to approve the Regulation for the connection of users to electricity grids of public interest.

Government Decision No. 1069/2007 regarding the approval of the “National Energy Strategy 2007-2020″ established the following principal objectives: (i) the promotion of electricity production from renewable sources of energy; (ii) the implementation of new technologies and clean technologies (i.e., low carbon technologies); and (iii) the establishment of a system to promote the trading of white certificates.

Energy and Natural Gas Law No. 123/2012 sets forth the general legal framework applicable to the electricity and natural gas sector.

Order No. 25/2004 for the approval of the Commercial Code for the Wholesale Electricity Market