EEPro and NewDev to jointly realize 4 MWPV-Project close to Bucharest

In a further joint venture, Bavarian based EEPro GmbH together with Hamburg based NewDev Projects GmbH & Co. KG have acquired project rights relating to a 4 MWp PV-Project close to Bucharest. The project is in ready to build status and construction works shall begin once weather conditions allow.

Commissioning of the plant is expected for middle of 2013. As a positive feature, the site has development potential for further 20 MWp.

Romania is currently one of the most promising PV-markets in Europe. Renewable Energy producers are granted Green Certificates which are traded within a statutory price range, resulting in a feed in remuneration of roughly 20 – 35 EUR-Cent/kWh for a duration of 15 years.

For questions: Kilian Libal, EEPro: Jan Kiermaie