EEPro / NewDev have commissioned their joint 4 MW project in Romania

EEPro GmbH (EEPro) and NewDev Projects GmbH & Co. KG (NewDev) have commissioned their Joint Venture project „Tartasesti“. The project is located close to the Romanian capital Bucharest and has a capacity of roughly 4 MWp. The project has also received the accreditation by the national regulatory body ANRE which grants the project an amount of six Green Certificates for each MWh fed into the grid on top of the energy trading price. The Green Certificates are traded on the OPCOM trade market within a regulated price range and form the main part of the feed in remuneration for renewable energy projects in Romania. The successful completion of the project marks a starting point for further Romanian Joint Venture projects to come. These plans are also supported by current political discussions on a fixed feed in tariff (FIT) for projects up to a capacity of 1 MW since a FIT grants more security to potential investors and financing banks compared to a certificate trading regime which is subject to market risks.
The „Tartasesti” project is the second project which EEPro and NewDev have jointly realized. Last year the Joint Venture connected the 6.5 MW „Boizenburg“ project in Northern Germany to the grid. Next to Romania, the Joint Venture plans the realization of projects in Turkey, Poland, South Africa as well as in South and Central America.