EU project finds paths to revitalize the European PV market: “PV Financing” defines the policy actions needed for new business and financing models

The PV Financing project presented its final paper called “Designing EU policy to encourage new solar business models” at its final workshop to the European policy community on the 2nd May in Brussel. The policy report sets out ten policy changes that would allow the implementation of the potential PV business in Europe and that would ease financing for the sector. Currently the regulatory framework for PV development is very different among the member states: while PV self-consumption is allowed in most European countries, the production and sale of PV electricity to a third party is not allowed or blocked by levies in several markets. One of the main objectives of the project is to identify and remove the barriers that hinder the PV implementation in Europe.

“The project PV Financing has hit a crucial phase in the European PV market, when the trend reverts to self-sustained business and financing models of PV. Though feed-in-tariffs are still needed at most places, these new models can accelerate the market uptake and unlock the potential of new market segments and stakeholders. The project supports this development through practical guidelines and recommendations”, said Jörg Mayer, managing director of the German Solar Association and project coordinator.

During the workshop two rising business models in Europe that could reshape the photovoltaic electricity market in the coming years were presented. The first one is the tenant supply model that gives access to photovoltaic electricity to tenants in multi-occupancy buildings. This is already a potential model in Austria, France and Germany, where some political changes are still needed to implement the model successfully. The second is the power purchase agreement (PPA) model, already a reference in the United-Kingdom and Italy.

PV Financing is a two and a half year research project funded by the European Commission dedicated to disseminating best practices in terms of new financing schemes and business models across Europe.

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