RPIA launching event

Reduction in the number of Green Certificates could be postponed by the Parliament until 2014

Bucharest May 22, 2012

Around 80 people – Romanian authorities from the energy sector, diplomats from several countries with economic offices in Bucharest, investors and suppliers attended the “Solar PV in Romania – the new opportunity in renewables” event. Taking into consideration the need to develop on medium to long term the sector of photovoltaic energy in Romania, “it was absolutely necessary the founding of a reliable professional Association that can represent the interests of PV investors in Romania,” said Zoltan Nagy, the General Manager of the Romanian Energy Regulatory Body ANRE. Furthermore, Nagy added that “RPIA could be a binder between authorities and investors, so that all relevant information on RES-E market could become unitary,” essential for increasing the market stability and predictability.

The launching event of RPIA proved to be a great opportunity for developers, financial institutions, producers and PV farms management companies and Romanian authorities to openly discuss about the RES-E market. On this occasion it was once again reaffirmed the need for a “stable legal environment and clear and transparent decisions that investors could understand ad could rely upon,” as stated by Ciprian Glodeanu, RPIA President. Also, Glodeanu accentuated the importance of developing a well-balanced mix of technologies for producing RES-E, which would significantly increase the safety of the entire national energetic system.

This vision is also shared by Deputy Mugurel Surupaceanu who mentioned that public authorities “have understood the message about the need of stability coming from the industry, and in this respect the changes that will be added to the approval Law of Order 88/2011 will include the stipulation according to which the number of Green Certificates will not be reduced by 2014”. This period is essential for PV investors that, according to current situation, were concerned by the reduction of the number of Green Certificates starting with 2013. RPIA considers that this modification is an important accomplishment of the hard work of RPIA and other professional associations, by recognizing the importance of stability in a strategic sector such as the energetic sector.

Another interesting topic for the investors that was discussed during the RPIA conference refers to secondary legislation for PV installed projects of less than 1 MW. This is another field with real potential for Romanian, and it can turn into a success story, as proved by other European countries. The General Manager of ANRE stated that “ at the moment we are in the approval process of the European Commission for subsidized prices for this type of installations and I am convinced that, from the previous experience in the approval processes at the European Commission, it will not take as long as in the case of Law 220/2008”, advancing a possible term for solving the situation by the end of this year. Mugurel Surupaceanu confirmed the attention that Romanian authorities give to projects with less than 1 MW installed power and added that in specialized committees “there are discussions about a level of the regulated price that could offer financial support equivalent to the one provided by the Green Certificates”.

After a period of accentuated incertitude that characterized the RES market in Romania, there are finally the first real signs that Romanian authorities and investors can reach a consensus regarding the need of a stable and predictable legal framework, that could only increase the confidence in Romania and in the professionalism of decisions makers involved in the energy sector”, concluded Ciprian Glodeanu, President RPIA.

Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association – RPIA has been recently established by a group of exceptional specialists in RES-E advisory, and endeavors to represent the interests of all the investors engaged in developing PV facilities for RES-E production in Romania. RPIA together with its members wishes to become a reliable and correct partner for Romanian authorities, in developing an open and constructive dialogue. RPIA is offering a networking, lobby and business platform, a one-stop-shop where interested companies in the PV market can find their necessary information and also meet directly with decision makers in the energy field.

Among RPIA members, there are important names in the energy field, such as: Egnatia Rom, IBCOenerg, ISPE, Monsson Group, Schoenherr, Siemens, Vitalis Consulting, Wolf Theiss etc.

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