RPIA: Follow-up on Solar Balkans 2012 Energy Summit

Bucharest March 10, 2012

EventThe Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association – RPIA had a very strong presence at the Solar Balkans 2012 Energy Summit held in Sofia, Bulgaria last month, where it addressed the investors through President Ciprian Glodeanu present in the panel for the Romanian session.

The investors were very interested in the Romanian market “as it seems that at the moment it offers the best support scheme for the electricity produced from renewable sources in Europe,” as stated by an important french investor developing a medium size photovoltaic park in Romania. Other investors, present at the venue, seem to share the same opinion and this is understandable since the number of green certificates allocated to the solar pv (i.e. 6GC/MWh) is higher then the number of the green certificates allocated to any other technology qualifying for the green certificates support scheme.

The RES-E market in Romania is very interesting for other investors too. We were pleased to see that the Chinese investors are actively looking for investment opportunities on the Romanian RES-E market as well. Following the brief description by Mr. Glodeanu of the Romanian legal framework and of the incentives it offers to the investors, representatives of major Chinese players mentioned that “Romania is a very attractive market to invest on, especially because it offers the possibility of a high return rate on investment,” which is always a good sign for the investors.

Moreover, at the venue were raised also concerns regarding the lack of information pertaining to the solar sector in Romania. RPIA informed the investors that the association is committed to change this fact through its actions and activities. RPIA is actively involved in participating to the relevant solar fairs and summits where it can meet with investors and share its own expertise. In addition, RPIA is dedicated, through its own events and campaigns, to bring awareness of the RES-E market and correct information to the parties involved in the development of RES-E facilities.

“Given the latest legislative amendments, RPIA is expecting 2012 to be an exceptional year for solar PV in Romania and this, more than ever, motivates us in bringing our contribution to the sustainable development of the RES-E in Romania. We are sure that our actions will help the investors and public authorities alike to Make the best of PV!”, added Mr. Glodeanu.