Wolf Theiss publishes its seventh annual edition (2016) guide to Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources in Central & Southeastern Europe

WOLF THEISS has announced the publication of the seventh annual edition (2016) of its well-received Guide to Generating Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources (the “RES Guide“) available for download at THIS LINK and the first edition (2016) of “The Wolf Theiss Waste to Energy Guide in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe” (the “WtE Guide“) available at THIS LINK.

The publication of these two Guides underscore Wolf Theiss’ commitment as a leading energy law firm in CEE/SEE to identify and assess for its clients those innovative areas that we believe will shape the fundamental energy profile of Europe in the years ahead.

This seventh edition of Wolf Theiss RES Guide seeks to capture the new legislative changes that have occurred since February 2015, while retaining the fundamental structure of the previous editions of the Guide. Hence, it remains a practical guide to the principal regulatory features of RES-Electricity projects in 15 jurisdictions, including the 13 countries where Wolf Theiss has offices or cooperation arrangements, as well as Kosovo and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Wolf Theiss partner Bryan W. Jardine, who has coordinated the Firm`s renewable energy practice since 2009 and has supervised the publication of the RES Guide and now the WtE Guide over this same period noted: “We are very proud of the collaborative efforts of so many Wolf Theiss lawyers across multiple jurisdictions to once again, for the seventh year in a row, manage to revise and update our comprehensive RES Guide. This is no small task, with the constantly changes laws and regulations related to renewable energy in our region, but our clients and readers continue to praise the RES Guide for its thorough, insightful and up-to-date analysis. Moreover, 2016 marks the first year that our very experienced Wolf Theiss lawyers across the region have contributed in the preparation of the WtE Guide. We anticipate that this latest Guide will impart useful information to those potential investors in the dynamic and growing waste to energy sector in emerging Europe.”